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We are proud to feature Marnie Plunkett, owner, creator and curator of ReWoolables located in Indianapolis.

Marnie Plunkett

Marnie Plunkett, ReWoolables, Indianapolis IN.


Marnie has many interests including, digging in the garden, herbalism, home remedies, raising a famlily and repurposing wool sweaters. Marnie has put her sewing talents to work and has created ReWoolables. Not only does Marnie repurpose old clothing by creating beautiful items, she is doing her part in helping our environment. Giving these clothes and other items a second chance to bring happiness to someone else. Here's a little about ReWoolables.


Birth in a Goodwill Check-Out Lane


It's no wonder to me that I craft things others deem unusual. What else would a physics major-turned archaeologist-then a licensed high school mathematics teacher do in her spare time but something, um…different? Being a rather practical gal, I like to find new purposes for items that have lost the ability to perform their original function. (My kitchen curtain rods are an old shovel and a hoe...yeah, you can add gardener to my titles.)

A book introduced me to the idea of using wool sweaters for a variety of useful things. A couple of months later while wearing a wool sweater (pieced from several others) standing in a thrift store line, (shouldering my first wool purse) and holding about five bulky sweaters to purchase, a woman asked if I would be willing to make items to sell. Gee, you suppose it was all the wool that tipped her off? I thought “Eureka! There are people who are passionate about this like me?" My company, ReWoolables, was born in a cashier isle.

The craziest item I've made thus far is a set of ‘fish’ that my son ‘caught’ and strung on his fishing line at that height of an icy Hoosier winter. I hunt garage sales and thrift stores for unwanted sweaters. Felting them at home, I let the colors and the shape of the sweaters guide me to their new lives. Not just the wool is repurposed; the liner of a purse could be an old table cloth. Often the sewing thread and other notions come from estate sales. Not much in a ReWoolable item is new.




We appreciate the work Marnie is doing by recycling used sweaters and bringing us a healthy dose of creativity and beauty with her ReWoolable products. Be sure to check out her Etsy store and browse the gallery to view her products. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ReWoolables. We look forward to seeing what Marnie's next creation will be and look forward to seeing her at one of our future events. Thanks Marnie, we appreciate the work you do.




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